Does Pumice Actually Float? (Galapagos Video)

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floating-pumice-test-360Being volcanic islands, it is pretty easy to find lava in the Galapagos Islands. It is literally everywhere.

We just picked some pumice up on the beach – it actually was being blown around by the wind. It looked like small pieces of sponge or foam. The idea of a floating stone is pretty absurd so we ran this simple test.

In the test, we took a piece of common a’a (pronouced ah ‘ ah) lava and a piece of pumice that we found on the ground. The a’a lava is very dense – almost like iron ore. The pumice is porous and round.

The Two Types of Lava

  1. a’a lava: the dark and rough stone
  2. pumice lava: the light colored round stone

Will Pumice Float? A Quick Test

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