Why Choose a Land-Based Program Instead of a Cruise?

Why Choose a Land-Based Program Instead of a Cruise?

Besides crowded conditions, lack of privacy and, of course, seasickness, there are still a myriad of reasons land-based programs offer more flexibility:

  • You can dive AND go on island excursions. With a cruise, you can either dive or go ashore, but not both. Cruises have a fixed itinerary and you must comply.
  • Not everyone can handle wet landings (or even a dinghy) in order to go ashore.
  • Ease parental anxiety by eliminating the worry of child overboard.
  • Shopping in town is not limited to a single, dedicated excursion.
  • Ability to get to know local people and businesses as well as absorb some of the individual islands’ culture.
  • We will never assign you to a group called ‘boobies’ on excursions.
  • We promise you won’t bump your head in the shower through no fault of your own.
  • Meals can be much more enjoyable without rolls and bumps. You never have to share a table with strangers unless you want to.
  • We will do your laundry on the same day with zero pollution in the sea.
  • Internet is not only available, but free.
  • Privacy is not confined to a tight space and peace and quiet is a given.

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Reduced Ecological Footprint

We believe our land-based programs have a greatly reduced ecological footprint (relative to a cruise) and better support the local communities for the following reasons:

  • Less fuel used in short trips compared to constant idling and motoring of cruise ships.
  • Smaller tour groups, therefore less impact than the hundreds cruises may host.
  • Larger boats cannot even send groups to some islands, such as Isla Isabela.
  • No pollution possibilities such as disposal of grey water at sea or garbage being thrown into the sea.
  • Money spent by visitors ALWAYS benefits local communities.

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