Galapagos Camouflage: Lava Lizard on Lava (Weekly Photo)

Galapagos Camouflage, Galapagos Islands Animals

Animal camouflage is exciting to see in nature. While in the Galapagos we’ve seen many animals blending in with their surroundings.

This lizard photo was shot on the way to Tortuga Bay. There is a short wall of lava rock on each side of the trail for the whole length of the trail and we saw hundreds of these little lava lizards. While it is easy to see this one, it is also easy to see the similarities in his coloring to the lava. When they aren’t moving they blend right in with the lava.


This is the first of an new series: Galapagos Camouflage. Watch for new ones in coming weeks and months.

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