Volcan Chico: A Moon Walk In The Galapagos

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When we hiked up Sierra Negra (on Isabela Island) for the first time it was exciting, but when our guide asked us if we wanted to continue on to Volcan Chico we decided against it.

That was a mistake.

A few months ago, we had another opportunity to make that hike. Volcan Chico was worth the extra time and effort. It was the strangest landscape I’ve ever seen. We felt like we were walking on the moon!

The Sierra Negra caldera is huge, the second largest in the world. It’s rim is covered in vegetation and the vegetation continues down the sides of the rim until it reaches the floor of the caldera.

Volcan Chico is different.

Why Volcan Chico Is Worth Seeing

Volcan Chico was a completely different experience than Siera Negra. We walked through the volcanic landscape

We saw lava tubes winding their way across the top of the landscape. They looked like huge pythons that had been encased in stone when the volcano erupted.

We felt hot moist air coming up from a vent near the path. We also saw large craters that once spewed molten lava. The colors of the rocks near the mouth of the craters were beautiful.

volcan-chico-moon volcan-chico-galapagos

moon-walking-galapagosOur daughter was amazed with the lava rocks she saw. She kept picking them up to show us their shape and texture. They were full of tiny holes and reflected the light creating a rainbow type effect.



Two Volcanoes In One Day

I don’t know were else we would have the opportunity to hike two Volcanoes in one day. It was so interesting to see how different they were in shape and texture.

The first time we hiked Siera Negra it was rainy so we didn’t think it would be worth hiking the extra hour to Volcan Chico. Since then we’ve  been told that even on rainy foggy days when you can’t see much at Siera Negra you can often see a lot at Volcan Chico because the climate is different.

After you reach Siera Negra there is a place to sit and rest if you don’t feel like continuing on to Volcan Chico, but if you have the energy, don’t stop. Keep going and take in two Volcanoes in one day.

When you reach Volcan Chico you can take in the scenery without hiking across the volcanic landscape, but if you have the stamina it’s an experience you wont forget.

Have you been to Volcan Chico? Please tell us what you thought of it by commenting on this post.

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  • Trudy Marshall Jul 18, 2013, 1:23 pm

    How long was the hike with one volcano? How long for both of them? Is there a lot of uphill climbing, or is it mostly just distance?

    • Bryan Haines Jul 23, 2013, 7:16 am

      Roughly 5 hours walking to Volcano Chico – the further one. The map shows that it is around 8km one way.

      The trail begins fairly far up the volcano so there isn’t that much of a climb.

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