Visiting La Loberia on Floreana Island

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These pictures and write-up were sent in by Jimmy, a Tour Leader.

Perfect conditions for an unforgettable holiday in Galapagos…”


As soon as we arrived to the pristine island of Floreana, we did a 15 minutes walk to “La Loberia”  (Sea Lion Rockery). That afternoon the sun shone more than ever and we went snorkeling with sea turtles and sea lions all around the bay.

After that, we got out of the water and reached a small rocky hill where the landscape looked unreal. White sand beaches that contrast with the lava rocks and turquoise water with the animals swimming around. The blending of the colors in the sky made the sunset spectacular that afternoon.



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Hernan is the General Manager of Flipper's Hotel Galapagos – a Galapagos hotel and touring company.

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