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As part of our community involvement, we are in the midst of a training program for the people of the Galapagos. Our 120 employees have just completed the program and next we will be inviting the three most important organizations in the Galapagos: Ingala, Parque Nacional Galapagos and Municipio Puerto Ayora to participate in the workshop, free of charge.

By training residents of the Galapagos, we can avoid having to send more mainlanders to the islands, thus reducing the subsequent environmental impact. Currently our Galapagos employees are comprised of 96% Galapagos residents. The Galapagos Islands has strict rules for residency, similar to that of an individual country – preventing a flood of mainlanders, foreigners and investors from moving to the islands and causing damage to the delicate eco-system. While its possible for us to send employees there its not an easy process, nor is it in the best interest of conservation.

Thus far, the program has been delivered to our employees in Cuenca, Quito, Santa Cruz Island and Isabela Island. Tyrone Correa, our Director of Development, has both developed and is teaching the workshop.

Seminar in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island

Seminar in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island

The training program is a ten-hour personal development course completed in one day. It is provided free of charge both to our employees and employees of these government agencies with the goal of improving personal relations, customer service and well-being at an individual level.

The theme of the workshop is: “Como lograr ser emocionalmente pro activo y competitivo frente a una crisis”, which loosely translates to: “How to be Emotionally Proactive and Competent When Difficulties Arise.”

Seminar in Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

The workshop covers the following areas:

  • personal development
  • interpersonal relationship improvement
  • motivation
  • improving the workplace environment
  • effective communication
  • development of competencies (any topic)

The training is delivered using Neurolinguistic Programming principles. Following each workshop, Tyrone Correa (our Director of Development) begins organizing and making changes to improve the company operation and processes. While he will execute the followup in our company, he will train representatives with each of the government agencies to follow through with each of their respective organizations.

The ultimate goal of the workshop is: to develop and achieve a relaxed work environment where all the employees really enjoy spending their time working for a company like ours.

This is an investment we are making both in the Galapagos and in our local community.

More about Tyrone Correa:

  • International Coaching Certification supported by the ICC (International Coaching Community in London) Buenos Aires-Argentina.
  • International Certification as Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) supported by Richard Bandler, Santiago de Chile. Personal development and motivation seminars approached from Coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programming principles given to a number of companies in Quito and Guayaquil.
  • 17 years of experience as teacher in high schools, universities and private institutes.
  • Experience in managerial positions in several multinational companies.
  • Article on Motivation published in the Management Herald, September 2010 edition, Buenos Aires- Argentina.
  • Workshop on Principles of Coaching for executives and directors of Papa John’s Corporation, Louisville-Kentucky, USA.

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