Tortoise Ranch: A Ranch For Roaming Giants

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A Ranch For Roaming Giants

Tortoise Ranch is a ranch for giant tortoises on Santa Cruz Island.  Visiting this ranch was a highlight for our family. Although Giant Tortoises are all over the Galapagos, we got the best views at the Tortoise Ranch.


This is because large areas of the ranch are grassy without much undergrowth.  We were able to see them walking, grazing, and taking mud baths.

The ground is often muddy so rubber boots are provided.  There were no children’s sizes, so our daughter sloshed around in boots a few sizes too big.  This added to the fun for her, but if you have toddlers you might want to bring along some boots.

Near the end of the tour there is a small building with an empty Giant Tortoise shell in it.  Crawling inside the empty shell makes for a fun photo op.  By trying the shell on for size, you can also get a little idea of the weight these animals carry around.  If you have any pictures inside the shell, please share on our Facebook page.

Galapagos tortoise ranch

The tour took about an hour, was relaxed and interesting.  There is a large gift shop and café on site, and they have good bathroom facilities.

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