Puerto Ayora

The Galapagos is internationally renowned for unique plants and animals which evolved in complete isolation. The isolation of the islands and the need to protect the endemic animals from invasive species makes getting to the Galapagos part of the adventure. Overall, travelers are well advised to fly in the day before, and budget a day for transportation to [...]

Ever wanted to venture off the beaten path? How about way, way off the beaten path? Feeling adventurous one afternoon during my Galapagos vacation in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, I went to the municipal fruit and vegetable market, or mercado municipal. At this market, vendors sell piles of fruit, vegetables, raw meats, fish, eggs to the locals. Other vendors [...]

Puerto Ayora is located on the waterfront on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos. It is a very nice little town for relaxing, walking and shopping. We really enjoyed walking around Puerto Ayora, wondering in and out of shops like Olga Fisch, Galapagos Jewelry and Galeria Aymara. The atmosphere of Puerto Ayora is friendly and safe. The shop owners and [...]

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