galapagos volcanos

On Santa Cruz Island, you can walk through lava tunnels. On our last hike to Volcan Chico (Isabela Island) we saw smaller versions of these tunnels: lava tubes. Our guide explained that while the lava flow begins to cool and harden on the outside, the lava remains hot and liquid inside. Eventually the hardened lava forms [...]

When we hiked up Sierra Negra (on Isabela Island) for the first time it was exciting, but when our guide asked us if we wanted to continue on to Volcan Chico we decided against it. That was a mistake. A few months ago, we had another opportunity to make that hike. Volcan Chico was worth [...]

When you think about the Galapagos Islands what comes to mind? The first thoughts I have are about the animals and some of the interesting plants found there. The plants and animals of the Galapagos Islands certainly make them unique and attract a lot of attention, but there is a lot more involved in what makes the Galapagos [...]

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