galapagos island facts

When you think about the Galapagos Islands what comes to mind? The first thoughts I have are about the animals and some of the interesting plants found there. The plants and animals of the Galapagos Islands certainly make them unique and attract a lot of attention, but there is a lot more involved in what makes the Galapagos [...]

Margret Wittmer was one of the first settlers of Floreana Island. Along with her son and husband she endured many hardships to create the life that the Wittmer family still enjoy on Floreana today. This true life account is about their arrival on the island, their tragedies, triumphs and the many “mysteries of Floreana” that they lived [...]

I recently spoke with Juan Fernando, the Sales & Diving Coordinator about importation limitations in the Galapagos. Below the video is a complete transcript. Galapagos Conservation by Limiting Importations In comparison with other volcanic islands this is one of the best preserved eco-systems in the world. And this only is real because of the work that [...]

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