galapagos climate

The weather in the Galapagos islands ranges from warm to hot. Because there is not much of a variation in the temperature you can visit the Galapagos all year round. Two Weather Factors Two factors contribute to the weather patterns in the Galapagos Islands: one is their location and the other is the two major ocean currents that swirl [...]

The Panama Current flows into the Galapagos waters in November.  Along with the Panama Current come warmer waters, which replace the cooler waters of the Humboldt Current. These warmer waters are not as nutrient rich as the waters of the Humboldt Current, making the underwater visibility clearer. This Current flows south from Central America and [...]

The Humboldt Current is a current of cold Antarctic water which is brought to the surface by air currents. These air currents move across the surface of the water northward from the coast of Chile to Peru and cause a kind of sucking motion on the water currents. As the water moves along the west [...]