Snorkeling With White Tipped Reef Sharks in the Galapagos

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Have you ever swam with sharks?

The odds are that you won’t even see one on your Galapagos trip. Well, unless you go looking for them…

As a family, we’ve snorkeled many times in the Galapagos and swam with lots of amazing animals including sea turtles and sea lions. And I had never seen a shark.

Going on a Shark Hunt

During our last Galapagos trip, I wanted to see some sharks. So we had a guide take us to a place that he knew of – that was known to have sharks.

We traveled by kayak to this special snorkel spot.

It only took a few minutes to locate a group of white tipped reef sharks. They hunt at night so they are often found resting here during the day.

While we were watching them under a rock (in about 4 meters of water) one of them left the cave and swam in a large circle around their area. During his little patrolling trip I was able to get some good shots. These photos are stills taken out of a video.

The Galapagos reef sharks are not considered dangerous. They didn’t even seem to notice us snorkeling above.

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Galapagos White Tipped Reef Shark

Would you ever swim with sharks?

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