Shopping for Souvenirs in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island

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Puerto Ayora is located on the waterfront on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos. It is a very nice little town for relaxing, walking and shopping.

We really enjoyed walking around Puerto Ayora, wondering in and out of shops like Olga Fisch, Galapagos Jewelry and Galeria Aymara.

The atmosphere of Puerto Ayora is friendly and safe. The shop owners and staff were all happy to invite us in their locations. We didn’t feel rushed and they were more then happy to tell us about their items and where they were made.


What You Can Find Shopping In Puerto Ayora

In Puerto Ayora you can find a wide selection of souvenir items, shirts, bags, travel journals, jewelry, coffee, chocolate, ornaments and much more. You can also find practical items that you may have forgotten at home, like a tooth brush, sunblock, and a bathing suit. There is a nice grocery store in town where you can get snacks and other practical items.

The town is not very big, which means that you’re never far from a restaurant or cafe. We enjoyed doing some shopping around town, visiting the handicrafts market and then stopping at a restaurant for some ice cream before heading back to the hotel. I like to walk, so I really enjoyed being able to walk into town from the Lodge.

Unique Store Fronts 

I also like the atmosphere of Puerto Ayora because of the unique storefronts. Some of them have neat shapes and colors, glossy tile patterns and mirrored tile designs. Unique architecture and design make things much more interesting.

Shopping in Puerto Ayora was more fun than shopping in a mall or an area where all the store fronts look pretty much the same. I love to see unique things so for me shopping is more about seeing things than finding something to spend my money on. Although in Puerto Ayora it would have been difficult to come away without buying something special.

I’ve never really liked mall shopping because it feels more like a chore. Shopping in Puerto Ayora was different, fun and interesting. It reminded me of shopping in some of the small waterfront towns in Nova Scotia, Canada (where we’re from). Quaint and safe, unique and interesting. An enjoyable place to spend an afternoon relaxing and shopping.

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