Galapagos Sea Lion Spotting

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If there is one animal that I absolutely adore in the Galapagos, it is the sea lion. The Galapagos sea lion has a more playful friendly demeanor than its California coast cousins.

Sea Lions Nap Like Cats

If you look a sea lion in the face you might notice they have feline-esque whiskers, and the resemblance doesn’t end there.

They take naps wherever they want. They find a sunny corner and they make it their own. They might sleep on the deck of a nice sushi restaurant, on an abandoned boat in the sun, or right at the dock, welcoming visitors with a snore or two.

This looks like a nice spot for a nap

Sea Lions Play Underwater Like Puppies

If you look a sea lion in the face, you will also see big brown puppy-dog eyes. The sea lion is easily the most playful animal of the Galapagos. Swimming underwater with them is like playing with puppies.

They are intensely curious about snorkelers and SCUBA divers – you don’t have to go searching for them because they will find you. They play in groups of 4 or 5, speeding through the water, playing “chicken” and then backflipping at the last second.

They might not chase their tails, but they do swim in fast spiraling paths just for the fun of it. Out of water, you might even see them begging for scraps at the fish market.

See more photos of Galapagos sea lions

Have you swam with sea lions? What did you think?

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