La Playa de las Alemanes (German Beach), Santa Cruz Island

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Just minutes from Puerto Ayora is a fantastic peaceful beach: Playa de las Alemanes (German Beach).

While there are lots of beaches on Santa Cruz Island (like Tortuga Bay, Garrapatero or even Playa Escondida) many are not that close to town.

Playa de las Alemanes is very close to the town – and you can visit it without a naturalist guide. This is a great destination for your free day in the Islands. Pack a little lunch and enjoy the day at the beach.

Getting to Playa de las Alemanes

Getting to the beach is actually pretty easy. Take a water taxi from the port in Puerto Ayora. Once you land on the other side of Academy Bay, it’s a short 300 meter hike to the beach. Get the full directions.

The trail is in good shape and the final section is a well maintained boardwalk across the beach.


Also, once you are at Playa de las Alemanes, it is just a short 600 meters to Las Grietas – an amazing swimming hole in a large fracture. Check this Las Grietas video. Las Grietas is one of our favorite places on Santa Cruz Island. If you want to see it, it’s just a few minutes walk past this beach.


While the beach is beautiful, the services there are limited. Be sure to bring a few snacks and drinks. If you do need something, it is just a few minutes back to the bay where you can get a taxi to the town.


Have you been to Playa de las Alemanes? 

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