Galapagos Photo Tip: Get Down (and Dirty)

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Looking in unusual places is a great way to find and capture some great wildlife photos. But sometimes it isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to get a little dirty.

Of course, you can shoot standing up or as you walk by. You’ll get an image that helps you remember what it was like. But if you want to have an image worthy of being framed, sometimes you’ll have to get in a funny position.

If you wonder why some travelers always have the best travel shots it is often for one reason: they aren’t afraid to get a little dirty. While traveling the Galapagos, you’ll see some guests kneeling, laying, sitting and leaning on whatever is near by. They almost always come back to the lodge wetter and dirtier than anyone else. But have you seen their photos?

It isn’t all about great gear and tons of experience. Just put yourself out there and start shooting. I’m not saying you should get covered in mud but just try to lose the fear of a little dirt. Your photos will thank you!

In the photo below I am laying on my stomach, on a wet deck, to get a shot of the marine iguana who was more-than-happy to pose. Despite looking funny to the other guests, I managed to get a few nice shots of these curious creatures.

Getting Down & Dirty Galapagos Animal Shots 


Getting down on the level of your subject can be the difference between a snapshot and something worth hanging on the (or posting to your) wall. Here is the result of my wet clothes:

The Result: The Marine Iguana Strikes a Pose

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