My Morning Run to Tortuga Bay, Galapagos Islands (Video)

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One of the best ways to start the day in the Galapagos is a morning run to Tortuga Bay.

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Tortuga Bay is an amazing place just outside of Puerto Ayora – the main town on Santa Cruz Island. The run takes about an hour (4.5 miles) and it is beautiful. Sometimes if it has gotten hot, I’ll take a taxi back to the Lodge.

When coming back into town, it’s nice to see the sun on the ships anchored in the harbor and bay. See the full video below.

I’ll usually take a juice before leaving the Lodge. At the control gate into Tortuga Bay (where you must sign-in before entering the trail) you can get water or Gatorade. Keep in mind that there aren’t many garbage bins – so be sure to leave any garbage at the control gate.

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Best Time to Run to Tortuga Bay

I like to go at 6am: there aren’t many people on the trail. The trail is a favorite for all locals, from men to ladies and families. I like to go early because I can get back to the Lodge, have a nice breakfast and have time to take an excursion or even catch my flight out of Galapagos.

Also because Galapagos is one hour behind Ecuador (Galapagos Time Zone: GMT-6) the sunrise is usually before 6am. This means plenty of daylight and you can avoid the heat during the warm months.

Tortuga Bay is one of the few excursions that can be done without a Naturalist Guide.

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