Galapagos For Kids: My First Impressions of Galapagos

Galapagos For Kids, Planning Your Trip

Drew Haines is a young Canadian expat living in Ecuador. Learn about the Galapagos from a kids perspective.

When we went to Galapagos, I loved it! I was exited right from the beginning. Here are some of the first things I saw and how I felt about them.

Baltra Island

We landed on Baltra Island. The airport was very nice and it was neat to see all the souvenirs shops. The people that helped us through customs were very nice and welcomed us to the Galapagos. After we went through customs, we went and got on the bus right away.

It felt quite hot when we first arrived. As we drove, I loved looking at the diverse cactus-y, desert-like landscape. After a few minutes on the bus, I could see the water. I was so happy to see the water, it was so pretty. As we got closer I knew that it was almost time for us to take the boat to Santa Cruz, and then I started getting very excited!


Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz is the most built up of all the islands in Galapagos and it has the highest population. This island has a number of different climate zones.

As I was getting off the boat I noticed that the water was very clear, so I could see many tiny fish swimming below. There were crabs climbing up the rock walls around the dock next to the water. Once we climbed out of the boat, we saw our tour bus waiting to take us to the hotel. As we drove, I watched the landscape change before my eyes, it was so cool!

Santa Cruz started off as a rough cactus-covered scruffy landscape. It looked really cool; as we drove I could see that the landscape was speckled with lava rocks. I even saw some iguanas creeping over the rocks.


Driving across the Island

I was amazed that after just a little driving I saw the dry scruffy landscape turn into what looked like a jungle. It was lush; there were big trees covered with really neat moss. I saw some big birds that looked like hawks flying just above us.

A little further on we saw some farms with cows, and as we got closer to the other side of the island we could see banana plants and mangroves. There were also many big sea birds in the air.

At the end of the bus trip, I was so excited to get off the bus at the Red Mangrove Lodge. When we got there, there was a bit of a line waiting to check in, so we thought it would be nice to go out on the deck and look at the water while we waited. When I went onto the deck, I saw a sea lion laying just a few feet away! It was sooo cute and I was so excited!

Well these were my first impressions of the Galapagos. Did the Galapagos make an impression on you? Please tell me what you think in the comments! Thank you for reading!

Meet the Author

Hi, I'm Drew Haines. I grew up in Ecuador and I visited the Galapagos Islands many times. I write about the most amazing animals at my blog: Everywhere Wild. (I love animals.)

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  • Nana Sep 27, 2012, 11:09 am

    I can tell you were very excited by the way you write. Good job. Did any of the cow’s look like Grampie’s cows?

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