Los Kioscos: Seafood Alley in the Galapagos

Galapagos Dining, Santa Cruz Island

Have you wondered what it is like to experience the Galapagos islands on a land based tour? How will you get around? What will you see? And most importantly (for epicures, foodies, and picky eaters) what will you eat?

If you are wondering about your Galapagos vacation dining options on land, there is a huge variety of places, from fine restaurants, boat to table dining at the fish market, or inexpensive street food at the locals market. This week we tell you about another hidden gem – the kioscos, or kiosks in Puerto Ayora.

What are the Kioscos?

The kioscos is a street of restaurants in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz frequented by locals and tourists in-the-know. All the restaurants in the area are small informal mom-and-pop shops. At the kioscos, you can sit outdoors, dine on fresh seafood, and people-watch as hordes of hungry locals and tourists pick out their dinner.

Outdoor seating at casual restaurants in the kioscos, Galapagos

Prices are extremely reasonable, ranging from $8 USD for a cazuela de mariscos (a delicious mixed seafood casserole), to $10-20 for a langostino accompanied with rice, plantains and a small side salad (depending on the size).

Picking out Dinner

I walked among the kioscos, where the langostinos and fish of various sizes and prices were displayed on plates. I opted for a small langostino.

You can pick out your dinner! Langostino and fish of different sizes on display

When the waitress told me I could have it prepared almost any way I wanted, my mouth watered at every option.

  • A la parilla – roasted over a charcoal grill (see below)
  • Al ajillo – pan fried with garlic
  • Frito – deep fried
  • A la diabla – in a spicy red creole sauce
  • Encocado – in a rich coconut sauce

A restaurant grilling langostinos or squat lobster

After vacillating and being tempted to order one in each type of sauce, I finally decided on the encocado. This is how it turned out – creamy, rich, coconutty, with a side of rice, plantains and coleslaw.

The langostino encocado (squat lobster in coconut sauce)

How to get there

To get there, you can take a local taxi (flag down one of the local taxis which look like white trucks and ask for los kioscos), or you can easily walk from within Puerto Ayora. To walk, find the main street bordering the port (avenida Charles Darwin) and walk until you find avenida Baltra (close to the dock). Walk up avenida Baltra and the kioscos are located at Baltra & Charles Binford.

Hope you enjoy your trip to the kioscos! Let us know how you liked them in comments, and of course ... Buen provecho!

Meet the Author

Lisa Cho is an expat living in Ecuador, originally from San Francisco, California. She writes about the Galapagos Islands on this site and about her mainland Ecuador adventures on CuencaCultureShock.com

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