Import Limitations Ensure Galapagos Conservation (Video)

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I recently spoke with Juan Fernando, the Sales & Diving Coordinator about importation limitations in the Galapagos. Below the video is a complete transcript.

Galapagos Conservation by Limiting Importations

In comparison with other volcanic islands this is one of the best preserved eco-systems in the world. And this only is real because of the work that an entity called the SICGAL in the Galapagos. They are actually, right now, the primary entity that works in the quarantine procedures in Galapagos. This involves mainly the control and the communication of what is transported to the Galapagos from the mainland.

In this case, there are three different areas of interest. There are first, the allowed products to be transported to the Galapagos, the restricted products to be transported to the Galapagos and also the non-allowed products.

In the case of the allowed products, they can go with minor inspection. But in the case of, especially the restricted products, they usually have to go through hydro-thermal procedure before being authorized to go to the Galapagos. And also, you know, the quarantine staff have to check that every product is in very good shape. For example, that the product doesn’t have any scratches or any fissures or any kind of formation that might represent a hazard to the Islands. Because there could be insects, there could be soil in the product that cannot be transported to the Galapagos.

In the case of non allowed products, under no circumstance will be transported to Galapagos. This is, for instance, the case of fertilized eggs or the blackberry. Which is very aggressive and spreads very quickly in the Galapagos. And many animals consume this particular food. As finches and giant tortoises consume it, it can be easily spread all around the island.

Maybe more examples of the allowed products and the restricted products. For instance, in the restricted products: non fertilized eggs. There is an interesting fact, is that they allow eggs to come to the Galapagos. But in the case of chicks they must be one day old – and only one day old to prevent them from bring any kind of viruses from the mainland. So if anything happens with your plane or airline, and those chicks couldn’t go that day, those two day old chicks are not good to go to the Galapagos.

So yes, there are many things to be taken very seriously in order to protect the eco-system of these volcanic islands.

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