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Thinking about a vacation to Galapagos? In order to make your travel planning as smooth as possible, we have collected some useful information that may be of interest for you. Visit our blog post Planning your Trip in order to have a fun read and the most important facts around Galapagos summarized at one page.

Packing List
To help you prepare your Galapagos adventure as best as possible, you will find a packing list that may be of help in our blog entry.

Galapagos entry requirements 
At the airport, whether Quito or Guayaquil, a fee of USD 20, – (cash only) per passenger is due for the registration card to the Galapagos Islands. In addition, on arrival at one of the two airports on the Galapagos Islands, the entry fee for the national park will be charged. This can also only be paid in cash. The price is for people over 12 years. Children under 12 years: 50% of the quoted price.
  • Travelers (all except Ecuadorian citizens, persons residing in Ecuador or residents of the Andean Community CAN): USD100, –
  • Residents of the Andean Community (CAN): USD50, –
  • Ecuadorian citizens and persons with residence in Ecuador: USD6, –
Keep the receipt on the safe side, as you have to present it again if necessary.
Maximum length of stay with a tourist visa
Ecuador Mainland: 90 days
Galapagos Islands: 60 days

This page is also available in: deDeutsch

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