Getting to the Galapagos Islands: Landing on Baltra Island

Planning Your Trip

Landing in an airport for the first time is always exciting. Landing in Baltra Airport is the beginning of your Galapagos adventure. As you begin the decent to Baltra Island, you can see the unique landscape of the island.

The Baltra Airport is the smallest airport that we’ve ever been to, and the island is the least populated place we’ve ever visited. No one lives there, the staff all return to Santa Cruz Island every afternoon.

Once the plane has landed you’ll cross the runway by foot into the immigration / national park checkpoint. To enter the islands, you’ll have to pay the National Park Entry Fee – the cost depends on if you are an Ecuadorian resident or a foreigner.

baltra airport galapagos

After crossing Baltra Island by bus, you’ll cross Itabaca Channel by boat.

What did you think of Baltra Island? First impressions?

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