What to Expect on a Galapagos Vacation

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What can you expect from a Galapagos vacation? What should a Galapagos vacation be like?

galapagos-vacation-snorkelI guess that depends on why you are going and what you want to experience.

When some people think of a vacation, they think of laying on a beach being served cold drinks all day. While that type of a vacation has it’s place, a trip to the Galapagos is a different experience.

I’m sure there are places on the Galapagos Islands where you can just lay on the beach, but when we went that was not what we wanted.

We Expected Adventure

For our family planing a Galapagos vacation was very exciting. The Galapagos islands are one of the most unique places on the planet. When we went we expected to see and do as much as possible.

Our Galapagos vacation meant exploring and getting as close to the animals as we could. Although the animals on the Galapagos island don’t have much of a fear of people, we did have to go out and find them. That meant hiking, swimming and snorkeling.We love nature so that was right up our alley.

Our hotel arranged all of the details for us; they hired the naturalist guides, arranged for transportation, snorkeling gear, and provided water and snacks during the excursions. They kept us good and busy which was exactly what we wanted.

Not A Lazy Beach Vacation

It seems that if a person was blindfolded and plopped in a beach chair at any number of beach resorts around the world they probably wouldn’t be able to tell where in the world they were. Sand, water, and sun. So many resort beaches look exactly the same. The Galapagos islands are a different story!

We hiked up a volcano, walked through lava tunnels, snorkeled with sea turtles, saw flamingos, penguins, white tipped reef sharks, sea lions, lava lizards, mocking birds, finches, marine iguanas and a lot more!

We have an adventurous spirit so just laying on the beach in the Galapagos sounds like a wasted opportunity.


Expect To See Animals

While there is no guarantee that you will see all the animals we saw, you can be pretty sure you will see a lot of them. We saw sea lions, sally light foot crabs, and marine iguanas as soon as we arrived on the deck at the Aventura lodge. It really wasn’t all that hard to find the animals, especially because we were brought to where they usually hang out. When we saw them they just kind of stared back at us and made no attempts to run away.

We were satisfied and tired at the end of each busy day. Our trip to the Galapagos really was an exciting adventure and I’m so glad that we took advantage of what the islands have to offer.

On an all inclusive trip to Aruba or the Dominican Republic, the idea of laying around on the beach seems to fit. But on a trip to the Galapagos the only thing that seems to fit is getting out there and experiencing as much of nature as possible.

Have you been to the Galapagos? What was your favorite experience?

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