10 Most Stunning Places in the Galapagos Islands

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Galapagos is world-famous for the variety of bizarre and unique animals found there. Travelers should be equally excited about the beautiful landscapes that they will encounter!

The islands’ volcanic origins create an enormous variety of landscapes, rugged (bone-dry) lava fields,  lush green forests, sparkling turquoise water, and surreal sunsets.

I am posting the 10 most stunning places I have been in the Galapagos.

10 Most Stunning Places in the Galapagos

What places are you hoping to visit on your Galapagos vacation? Perhaps after this post you will add a new one to your bucket-list.

1. Las Grietas

Las Grietas is an amazing place to go for a refreshing swim on Santa Cruz island.


2. Los Gemelos

These twin volcanic craters (Los Gemelos) make for some breathtaking scenery on Santa Cruz island.

los gemelos galapagos

3. Rocks near Isabela

Don’t miss the rugged beauty of these rocks near Isabela island which are a favorite spot for seabirds.

4. Los Tuneles, Isabela Island

Los Tuneles is one of the most unique landscapes I’ve ever seen! Imagine the remainders of submerged and partially-submerged lava tubes, with sea turtles and sea lions swimming all around.

Check out Los Tuneles Photo Gallery

5. Sierra Negra Volcano Crater

On Isabela island you can hike up the Sierra Negra volcano, it has the second largest crater in the world!

Sierra Negra Volcano Caldera

6. Lava Fields Near Volcan Chico

Ever wanted to go for a moon walk? Hiking the lava fields of Volcan Chico is the next best thing.

volcan chico

7. Flamingo Lagoon at Sunset

Even if you don’t get to see the flamingos at Flamingo lagoon, it’s worth a visit.

8. Tintoreras Bay

Tintoreras Bay is breathtakingly beautiful, both above and below the water.

lava flow galapagos

9. Path to Tortuga Bay

The path to Tortuga Bay makes for a beautiful contrast in textures. The stone man-made walkway cuts through the rugged beauty of the Galapagos islands greenery. You are almost guaranteed to see lava lizards and a few different varieties of birds as you walk.

hike tortuga bay

10. Beach at Tortuga Bay

The beach at Tortuga bay is a gorgeous place to relax and feel refreshed!


Hope you liked my top 10! Please let me know what your favorite place in the Galapagos is in comments!

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Lisa Cho is an expat living in Ecuador, originally from San Francisco, California. She writes about the Galapagos Islands on this site and about her mainland Ecuador adventures on CuencaCultureShock.com

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