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Note from Hernan: In our ongoing support of the preservation of the Galapagos, I invited representatives from the Galapagos Preservation Society to stay with us while they preform their valuable work on Santa Cruz Island. The following is a guest post by Society Founder and President, Allison Lance.

Galapagos Preservation Society was formed after seeing the need to protect the islands indigenous animals from our poor unfortunate companion animals. Hungry dogs and cats in search of food are making meals out of iguanas, lava lizards, seal pups, tortoise eggs and Darwin finches.

We don’t blame the dogs and cats, but we can’t allow the true Galapagueños to suffer because of man’s inability to take responsibility. We are doing our small part to safeguard the Enchanted Islands. We build fences, literally, and rescue dogs and cats from abuse and hunger.

Galapagos Preservation Society: Building Fences

Galapagos Preservation Society is run by two girls from The United States. We are small and poor. I phoned and spoke with Naomi West asking if the hotel might help our organization by donating a room to us to help cut expenses. I explained to her that we were coming to build a fence or two and to do some rescue work. She was very excited and enthusiastic, she felt certain the owner would be on board with our project and on board he is! He graciously offered our stay which made me tear-up. I, like Hernan Rodas, love Galapagos and want to see it thrive. I am floored by his and Naomi’s insight as well.

Such a unique place; swim with penguins, walk amongst giant tortoises, step over iguanas, have a finch at your feet, and watch seals swim and play.

I mean WOW! the need to protect this place is paramount.

About Allison LanceAllison hails from Los Angeles, CA. In her twenty-year career as an activist, Allison Lance has served in many different roles. Through her conservation work, Allison had the opportunity to visit the Galapagos Islands numerous times. Over the years, she began seeing packs of dogs where she once saw groups of iguanas basking in the sun. In 2008, she founded Galapagos Preservation Society to protect places like Galapagos.

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Hernan is the General Manager of Flipper's Hotel Galapagos – a Galapagos hotel and touring company.

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