Galapagos Kayak Excursion: Exploring Itabaca Channel

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In addition to hiking, snorkeling, diving, and mountain biking another great way to get in among the Galapagos wildlife is by kayak. Because the kayak is silent it allows guests to observe sea birds and marine animals without disturbing them.

We are now offering a kayak excursion on two of our Galapagos adventures (see below).  This early morning excursion takes guests to the northern coast of Santa Cruz Island – to the Itabaca Channel that separates Baltra Island from Santa Cruz.

The drive to the channel is about 45 minutes from the Lodge and guests begin the excursion from the main dock.

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What Can You Expect On Your Kayak Excursion?

The Itabaca Channel is a narrow and calm body of water, where you can expect to see many sea birds including blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, and brown pelicans. From the kayak you might see sea lions and green sea turtles. If you choose to, you can snorkel on this excursion – which means you may be able to swim with both the sea lions and green sea turtles along with the numerous tropical fish.

The coastlines of both islands are beautiful – one (Santa Cruz) with mangroves and the other (Baltra) with rugged cliffs.

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