Galapagos Islands Vacation

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What Can I Expect on My Galapagos Islands Vacation?

sea lion galapagos underwaterWhen you travel the Galapagos Islands, there is so much to do! Our tours are for families, hikers, birders, snorkelers, and divers. We’ll share the best of the Enchanted Islands with you and your family.

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Galapagos Islands Vacation

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Academy Bay, Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island

What Can We Do on Vacation in the Galapagos Islands?

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Galapagos wildlife is one of the main reasons that more than 180,000 tourists (2012) visit the Islands every year. Here are some of the ways you can see the best of the Galapagos.

  • Hiking: From easy strolls to a more intensive hike up an active volcano, you will see the range of Galapagos plant and animal life. You’ll also get to walk across lava flows and through mature forests.
  • Snorkeling: Even first time snorkelers can quickly learn and see some amazing sea life. You’ll travel with experienced guides – who will both point out specific features and keep you comfortable.
  • Diving: We have packages for experienced and first time divers. The dive sites around the Islands are teaming with life.
  • Animal Encounters: Visit areas that are known for animal life (marine iguanas, giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, sea turtles). These sites are easily accessed and offer some great photo opportunities.

Land or Sea-Based Galapagos Vacation?

This is an important question. While visiting the Galapagos, you have two choices: either sleep on a cruise ship or in a resort / hotel. For some travelers, sea based is just what they are looking for. For others, it isn’t quite what they expected.

Land based tours can help you avoid many of the common cruise ship complaints of overcrowding, lack of privacy and constant sea sickness.

Cruise ships offer some challenges to travelers with limited mobility, with children, and those who want to explore the local area in their free time. Land based tours are more environmentally friendly – by not disposing of gray water at sea, by using less fuel (compared to the idling and motoring of cruise ships) and by proper garbage disposal.

This page is also available in: deDeutsch

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