Galapagos Islands: A Home-schoolers Playground

Galapagos For Kids, Planning Your Trip

Parents that home-school their children often look at education a little differently than those that send their kids to school. They see almost every situation as an opportunity for their children to learn and grow. The Galapagos Islands provide such a rich learning environment that they would definitely be considered as one of the ultimate destinations for a family / learning trip.

Where else can you see: birds with a built in inflatable red balloon, iguanas that sneeze salt water all over their closest buddies, birds with big bright blue feet, crabs that walk on water, giants that live to be 200 years old and eat poison apples, birds that use a stick to spear-their-dinner, penguins, sea lions and sea turtles? All of them free and unafraid to be near you.

Where else can you: hike up a volcano, walk through a lava tunnel, swim in an emerald green 100-meter-long crystal clear pool at the bottom of a huge earth fracture, stand next to the worlds only seafaring-lizards, and hear the sound made by a giant tortoise as it pulls back into its shell. All of that plus laze on the beach of an island that looks like a giant seahorse?


You may be able to see and do a few of those things in other places, but the only place you can experience them all is the Galapagos islands.

As a home-schooling mom I know that the way kids like learning the best, is when they are having so much fun they don’t even realize they are “being educated”. It made me so happy to see Drew soaking in all those new experiences. The trip was really exciting because I got to see it all reflected back at me in her eyes.

When we were exploring the Galapagos we were so busy hiking, snorkeling, swimming and observing that our daughter would never have said it felt much like “school”. The Galapagos trip made such an impression on her that she started her own blog when we got home. She now blogs on this site as well, you can read her posts on the Galapagos For Kids series.

A trip to the Galapagos Islands means that you will also spend a little time on mainland Ecuador. Just think of  the potential for research projects.

Research / Learning Topics for Home Schoolers

  • cultures of Ecuador
  • foods of Ecuador
  • climate zones of Ecuador and the Galapagos
  • animals of the Galapagos
  • languages of Ecuador
  • topography of Ecuador and the Galapagos
  • crafts and cultural cooking experiments
Your child could be an expert before they even touch down in Ecuador!

We can never know for sure what will spark a fire of fascination in our children, but the Galapagos Islands truly are like a playground for inquisitive minds. It would be hard to imagine your child being unable to find something to get excited about!

A trip to the Galapagos is a wonderful experience to give your child (home schooled or not) but because of the “at home time” available to home-schoolers the experience would be that much richer. Don’t forget about the Galapagos when planning your next family trip.

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