Planning Your Trip

Wondering what to bring on a Galapagos vacation? The trick is to pack light, but make sure you cover the essentials for hiking, swimming, and walking in a hot, humid environment. Warm season is Dec – May, where the temperature is hotter. Rainy season is June – Dec, although the temperature is still quite warm, you [...]

The Galapagos is internationally renowned for unique plants and animals which evolved in complete isolation. The isolation of the islands and the need to protect the endemic animals from invasive species makes getting to the Galapagos part of the adventure. Overall, travelers are well advised to fly in the day before, and budget a day for transportation to [...]

Sun Hat Sunscreen Small backpack Shorts T-shirts or Tank Tops Light Pants Sweater Windbreaker Rain Jacket or Poncho Walking Shoes with good traction Tevas or similar sandals Sunglasses Bathing Suits Camera, spare batteries and film Underwater camera Binoculars Personal Care & First Aid Kits Important Recommendations Wear, always,  a bathing suite under your clothes, you may [...]

When we planned our trip to the Galapagos, I was somewhat worried about how strenuous the itinerary would be. Are the Galapagos truly for all ages? How strenuous are organized tours? Is the Galapagos for seniors, adults, and children alike? Here’s my family’s experience and our tips: About My Family My family is all grown [...]

Floreana Island is one of our favorites places in the Galapagos Islands. One of the reasons for that is La Loberia. La Loberia specifically refers to a rocky/white sand beach where you can see Sea Lions and their babies. It also encompasses a large beach area that takes in a sea lion nursery/daycare and a swimming/snorkeling area. [...]

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