Galapagos Culture

As I relaxed after a snorkeling tour, I sipped coffee in the main square of Puerto Villamil (on Isabela island) and enjoyed the soft music playing in the backdrop. Then, all of the sudden I became aware of the lyrics. They were singing about the Galápagos! Who are the Iguanamen of Galapagos? If you hear blues music on [...]

Do you need to learn Spanish before your Galapagos trip? Absolutely not. Galapagos tours include a bilingual English-Spanish naturalist guide. Other naturalist guides on the island are available who speak French, Italian, German, and Chinese. But, would it be fun to learn a little Spanish before your trip? Absolutely! Other than the crucial “Donde está el [...]

One of the things I enjoy about doing island-hopping tours in the Galapagos is exploring the local towns and seeing the culture of the Galapagos. Wandering around Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island I once found huge crowds of people in the main square. Asking around, I found out that it was a “Rodeo Montubio.” What [...]

Finding Dance Aerobics in the Galapagos Have you ever heard of bailoterapia?  Literally, Bailoterapia translates to “dance-therapy.” I experienced this fun form of exercise on my Galapagos vacation. What is Bailoterapia? To Ecuadoreans, Bailoterapia means doing latin-dance inspired aerobics to the sounds of reggaeton, salsa, and cumbia. To me, bailoterapia is a fun way of getting off [...]

Ever wanted to venture off the beaten path? How about way, way off the beaten path? Feeling adventurous one afternoon during my Galapagos vacation in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, I went to the municipal fruit and vegetable market, or mercado municipal. At this market, vendors sell piles of fruit, vegetables, raw meats, fish, eggs to the locals. Other vendors [...]