Hernan Rodas

{español abajo} Christmas traditions around the world are rich in history and culture that includes music, food, and most recently, shopping. The Catholic Religion celebrates the birth of Jesus on Christmas Eve, when three Kings of Bethlehem went to honor and give gifts to the Son of God. Later on, during the middle age, other [...]

We always love to field Galapagos questions. This afternoon, a reader asked: “Is there any shore diving available from any of the Galapagos Lodges? I have ‘heard’ most of the diving around the Galapagos is advanced. Is that true? Approximate water temp in Dec? in June? Looking to be enlightened! Thanks!” —JO Great questions Jo. [...]

Visiting the Galapagos Islands presents some pretty unique photo opportunities. In this weeks weekly photo, we see a photo opportunity some guests enjoyed while visiting the Tortoise Ranch on Santa Cruz Island. This photo was taken by Jimmy Patiño Solis, one of our tour escorts. Please remember: when visiting the Islands, the animals (all of [...]

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