Dena Haines

Giant tortoises are often seen as the unofficial mascot for the Galapagos Islands. They are an amazing animal. Their huge size and the way they move is captivating. Capturing their true nature in a picture or video is very difficult. Standing near and really observing a giant tortoise up close and personal is something very special. The [...]

I’ve always loved kayaking because the kayak is quiet and light which makes it easy to get up nice and close to the animals. I was excited as we started out on our kayaking adventure in the Galapagos. We were heading out to kayak the Itabaca channel which separates the islands of Baltra and Santa Cruz. It was [...]

It is exciting to see a sea turtle, they are a rare sight.  A little less rare in the Galapagos. During our visit we saw them swimming near the boat, while snorkeling and during a walk near a mating area. 4 Species of Sea Turtles in Galapagos There are four species of marine/sea turtles in [...]

When you think about the Galapagos Islands what comes to mind? The first thoughts I have are about the animals and some of the interesting plants found there. The plants and animals of the Galapagos Islands certainly make them unique and attract a lot of attention, but there is a lot more involved in what makes the Galapagos [...]

Puerto Ayora is located on the waterfront on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos. It is a very nice little town for relaxing, walking and shopping. We really enjoyed walking around Puerto Ayora, wondering in and out of shops like Olga Fisch, Galapagos Jewelry and Galeria Aymara. The atmosphere of Puerto Ayora is friendly and safe. The shop owners and [...]

While we were exploring Floreana Island in the Galapagos, our naturalist guide took us past a large rock carved in a similar manner to the carvings found on Easter Island. You’ve probably seen pictures of the large freestanding stone heads scattered all over Easter island. So we were intrigued to see one on the Galapagos islands and we wondered how [...]

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