Dena Haines

My favorite place to see giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands is on Floreana Island. There is a tortoise reserve in the highlands of Floreana where you can get close to the tortoises in their natural setting. The tortoise reserve is in a wooded area and there are a few feeding platforms where the tortoises [...]

When we hiked up Sierra Negra (on Isabela Island) for the first time it was exciting, but when our guide asked us if we wanted to continue on to Volcan Chico we decided against it. That was a mistake. A few months ago, we had another opportunity to make that hike. Volcan Chico was worth [...]

Floreana Island is one of our favorites places in the Galapagos Islands. One of the reasons for that is La Loberia. La Loberia specifically refers to a rocky/white sand beach where you can see Sea Lions and their babies. It also encompasses a large beach area that takes in a sea lion nursery/daycare and a swimming/snorkeling area. [...]

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