Lisa Cho

Imagine biking the wetlands of Isabela in the Galapagos Islands. You whiz by blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, and marine iguanas, you hop off the bike to explore cactus forests and lagoons. Doesn’t sound like your everyday bike ride does it? It’s a very unique experience! Getting to the Isabela Wetlands A lot of people that tour the [...]

Did you know that the Galapagos Islands are home to three unique types of boobies? Blue-footed boobies are perhaps the most famous species, but there is also the beautiful masked Nazca, and red-footed species. They are all thought to have descended from a common ancestor. Who knows? Maybe in another 100,000 years the Galapagos will also [...]

As I relaxed after a snorkeling tour, I sipped coffee in the main square of Puerto Villamil (on Isabela island) and enjoyed the soft music playing in the backdrop. Then, all of the sudden I became aware of the lyrics. They were singing about the Galápagos! Who are the Iguanamen of Galapagos? If you hear blues music on [...]

Are you afraid of sharks? The hammerhead shark often inspires spine-tingling fear, and many people think that they are dangerous. Is a hammerhead shark a cold-blooded, perfectly-evolved killing machine? Perhaps, but my first experience with a hammerhead shark was quite different. The Galapagos is famous for snorkeling with different shark species, and having seen many [...]

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