Bryan Haines

On Santa Cruz Island, you can walk through lava tunnels. On our last hike to Volcan Chico (Isabela Island) we saw smaller versions of these tunnels: lava tubes. Our guide explained that while the lava flow begins to cool and harden on the outside, the lava remains hot and liquid inside. Eventually the hardened lava forms [...]

La Loberia – the sea lion nursery on Floreana Island – is one of our favorite places in the Galapagos. It is the first time we every snorkeled with sea lion. We shot this photo on our way to La Loberia. The colors of the path, ocean and sky speak for themselves. Our guide told [...]

Ecuador is rich in both natural and cultural beauty. Visiting mainland Ecuador will give you opportunity to see both. This is a photo of the main structure at Ingapirca – located north of Cuenca in Ecuador’s Andes mountains. The rest of the complex is to the left of this structure. Learn more about Ingapirca or the [...]

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