Galapagos For Kids: A Galapagos Fish Market on Santa Cruz

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The fish market in the Galapagos is a very interesting place to be. There are Sea Lions and Pelicans everywhere.

I also saw a marine iguana. But wait, a marine iguana? They eat algae, not fish, so why was he there? Well, one possibility is that he was enjoying the show as well. He was “seated” inside the walls of the little garden; probably so he wouldn’t get trampled by the sea lions.

The sea lions and pelicans were really cool; it was funny to watch them. The pelicans kept coming up to steal the fish, they were shaking their feathers the whole time, it looked to me as if they did that because they were scared. Often the fishermen or the sea lions would scare them and they would fly away.

The sea lions would steal fish from each other. Once, when the man ripped the skin of the fish to give it to one sea lion, the other one jumped up and stole it! (That’s someone I don’t want coming to my house for dinner!) They were quite aggressive, with each other. I kept hearing SNAP! CHOP! STOMP! I’m sure they were saying: “Go away! Leave my fish alone!”

One of the sea lions there is a man’s pet. He got it from a pup, and raised it as his own. He is always petting it, and he brings it home with him every night.


There are many sea lions at the fish market. Once, we even saw a mom and a baby swimming together; it was sooo cute! We also saw a male chase away another male so he could have the fish.

At the fish market, I saw many different kinds of fish. Red ones, ones that look like sharks, ones that looked like salmon, and just regular white fish.

I also saw travelers from all over the world watching the show that the animals were putting on. I thought it was really neat because I could hear a bunch of people talking in a bunch of different languages.

So, as you can see, the fish market is a really cool and exiting place to be! It is just a few blocks from Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz Island – just walk out of the Lodge and turn left. Since it’s so close, when you go to the Galapagos Islands, you will be able to go there yourself! I am pretty sure you’ll love it, I know I do!

Watch Sea Lions Compete Over Fish Skin

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