May 2013

In addition to their huge size, Giant Tortoises have a number of other unique features. In fact, there are even differences between the tortoises from the different islands in the Galapagos. It certainly is fun to watch giant tortoises eat. They eat everything from papaya to grass and even the occasional cactus. In this new video, watch an enclosure full [...]

Giant tortoises are often seen as the unofficial mascot for the Galapagos Islands. They are an amazing animal. Their huge size and the way they move is captivating. Capturing their true nature in a picture or video is very difficult. Standing near and really observing a giant tortoise up close and personal is something very special. The [...]

I’ve always loved kayaking because the kayak is quiet and light which makes it easy to get up nice and close to the animals. I was excited as we started out on our kayaking adventure in the Galapagos. We were heading out to kayak the Itabaca channel which separates the islands of Baltra and Santa Cruz. It was [...]