October 2012

Ecuavoley is played across Ecuador. It is similar to what many know as volleyball but with some unique rules. Learn more about Ecuavoley. In Puerto Ayora, the daily Ecuavoley game is pretty important. Men from many different professions play for their friends, tourists (and most importantly) a little money. It’s worthwhile stopping by the game if you [...]

Parents that home-school their children often look at education a little differently than those that send their kids to school. They see almost every situation as an opportunity for their children to learn and grow. The Galapagos Islands provide such a rich learning environment that they would definitely be considered as one of the ultimate [...]

When we were in the Galapagos Islands we went to Tortuga Bay. I think that it is one of my favorite places on Santa Cruz Island. To get there we walked right from the Flipper’s Hotel and we didn’t even need a taxi! As we walked, we really liked to watch the scenery. There were a few grey [...]

Margret Wittmer was one of the first settlers of Floreana Island. Along with her son and husband she endured many hardships to create the life that the Wittmer family still enjoy on Floreana today. This true life account is about their arrival on the island, their tragedies, triumphs and the many “mysteries of Floreana” that they lived [...]

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