August 2012

On our trip to Playa Escondida, we saw a lot of wildlife. Something that is impressive about many of the animals is their camouflage. Sometimes it is impossible to see the animals unless they more (or snort, as the marine iguanas are known to do). This photo has been lightened a little to help show [...]

This is a transcript of the video interview below with Juan Fernando about a couple of favorite foods in the Galapagos Islands. Our restaurant on Floreana Island belongs to a family that was actually the first Ecuadorian family to arrive on Floreana Island. They are the Cruz family and they have very special cuisine, homemade cuisine. Their specialty is [...]

I recently spoke with Juan Fernando, the Sales & Diving Coordinator about importation limitations in the Galapagos. Below the video is a complete transcript. Galapagos Conservation by Limiting Importations In comparison with other volcanic islands this is one of the best preserved eco-systems in the world. And this only is real because of the work that [...]