March 2012

What takes 50 years to mature, lives to be over 200 years old, doesn’t drink much, is prickly on top but smooth on the bottom? If your guess was the giant cacti of the Galapagos Islands you were right. We saw some of these cool looking cacti while we were visiting the Galapagos and we thought they [...]

Last week, Jimmy took a group of guests snorkeling. While expectations are usually high when we take our guests snorkeling, no one could have ever expected what they would see. While snorkeling from our boat, the group saw a pod of Pilot Whales. They were able to swim alongside of them, diving and surfacing. The [...]

Juan Fernando Arizaga talks about visiting the Galapagos Islands via a land based program compared to a cruise or water based adventure. Important information for planning your Galapagos adventure. Check out: Should I Choose a Land Based or Galapagos Cruise Adventure? Things To Consider: Cruise or Land Based Galapagos Adventure? Juan Fernando works as [...]

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