Visit the Galapagos with Flipper’s

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Planning Your Galapagos Adventure

kids-galapagos-land-based-tour-isabela-islandTop 10 Reasons to Choose a Land Based Galapagos Tour

Should I take a Galapagos cruise or a land based tour? This is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make as you plan your trip. Here are: 10 Reasons to Choose a Galapagos Land Based Tour

weather-like-galapagosWhat is the Weather Like in the Galapagos Islands?

The weather in the Galapagos islands ranges from warm to hot. Because there is not much of a variation in the temperature you can visit the Galapagos all year round.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why Choose a Land-Based Program Instead of a Cruise?

Besides crowded conditions, lack of privacy and, of course, seasickness, there are still a myriad of reasons land-based programs offer more flexibility. Read more…

Learn About Galapagos Animals

Galapagos marine iguana11 Galapagos Marine Iguanas Facts

Marine iguanas are algae eating, color changing, free diving reptiles with a habit of sneezing (all the time). Here are 11 facts about marine iguanas.

Galapagos hammerhead sharks safeAre Hammerhead Sharks Dangerous?

Many of the spectacular underwater pictures of the Galapagos include hammerhead sharks (specifically the Scalloped Hammerhead or sphyrna lewini). Learn more about hammerhead sharks.

Galapagos sea lions sleepingWatch Cute Sea Lions Snuggle and Snooze

Love cute sea lion videos? (Me too!) Keep reading – and you won’t be disappointed. Here are some adorable photos and videos of Galapagos sea lions.


This page is also available in: deDeutsch